Ciphian Eyes

    Ciphian Eyes  <内容のご紹介>

      Author’s Note
  • Chapter 1    Starry Night

    A Snow Scene(雪の情景)
    Stars and the Moon(夜空、天の川、星、月夜)
    Earth, the Paradise(子供時代の遊び)
    A Brush with Christianity(日本社会、いじめ、へつらい、キリスト教)

  • Chapter 2    Youthful Extravagances and Explorations

    Floating Lanterns(灯篭流し、不信心、ミロのビ−ナス)
    Youthful Passions and the Fireball Universe
    (青春時代の不品行、不道徳、ガモフ の火の玉宇宙、
    Kings of the Castles  (万博通訳、アポロ月着陸船、文化遺産、政治権力、
    A Flight of Fancy (現実、効率追求)

  • Chapter 3    Awareness of Zero in the World of One

    Story of a Super-Mosquito Who Became a Sparrow(雀になった蚊の物語)
    A Blind Spot of Existentialism(サルトル、実存主義)
    Zen for Wise Old Men(鈴木大拙、禅、悟り、無、空)
    Can You Do Math without Paper and Pencil?(紙と鉛筆が無くて数学はできるか?)
    On an Evening in the Cuckoo’s Nest      (時間は虹のようなもの、現れは見えるが
    そこに存在はない。 つまり、概念で

  • Chapter 4    Linguistic Alchemy
    Turning Rough Stones into Diamonds

  • Chapter 5    Ciphix and Project Ciphadom

    Common Sense Questioned(常識、アインシュタインの時空間、創造性)
    Zeno’s Paradox(ゼノンの逆説、量子、無限は無い)
    Ciphix in a Nutshell
    (サイフィックス<私の考え>:  宇宙のダイナミズム
    では 存在するあらゆる点(人間も)が宇宙の
    最先端であること。   ニュートン的な“絶対空間、
    A Trip to Medieval Europe Where Is the Past?(イギリスとフランスへの旅)
    Project Ciphadom(建築、家<世界>の創造)
    Story of a Female Mind in a Male Body(異性間脳移植の物語)
    Story of the Ultimate Equation of the Universe

  • Chapter 6    Mind vs. Heart

    Believing and Knowing(小林秀雄批判、信心、知性)
    Long Live Nyanko!(ニャンコ)
    Nyanko’s Miracles(ニャンコの奇跡)
    Sentimental Journey to the North(花巻、宮沢賢治、銀河鉄道、遠野)

  • Chapter 7    X the Explorer of Cosmic Gems

    Light-hearted Music before a Mountain God(青葉、神社、彫刻、山、夕焼け、 プレセペ星団)
    Earth as Seen from the Moon(きのこ狩り、マラソンランナー、草木、宇宙飛行士
    Celebra: Forgive and Forget(借金苦、宇宙的意識)
    Sparkling Individuality of Consciousness(同時多発テロ、北京、万里の長城、 盧溝橋)
    Gems of Cosmic Creativity(宇宙の宝石)
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  A wisely disciplined lifestyle in the knowledge of our true essence  
  and fate keeps one’s mind and body young.   To wisely disciplined  
  eyes,  gems of cosmic creativity are everywhere to be found.  

Ciphian Eyes is the story of a loser's tragicomical struggle toward the
ultimate solution.   Tom is out of step with the world around him.  He
is frustrated by his job, by his money troubles, his family, and politics.
His inability to engage with people armed with their "common sense"
and his heavy dependence on alcohol leave him angry and defeated.
He is unsure how to improve his lot.

But Tom is an imaginative thinker with a wide range of interests.
Fascinated by the latest findings of cosmology,   he looks into the
origins of the universe and comes to a slow epiphany. He begins to
understand the true nature of existence and starts putting his
principles of  "cosmic consciousness"  into practice.   Tom starts to
realise that he only has the ability to change and control his personal
environment and so there is little point railing against the rest of the
world.   So begins Project Ciphix.   Tom's method of creating a better,
more harmonious existence in our Big Bang cosmos.

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